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“Bob & Jane”




This 'Jane' story is typical of some families' struggle with addictions. However, this one is full of HOPE and new lives. 'Jane' is 51 and has several children, now in their twenties. She would participate in using drugs with her kids from early on, she was 15 when she started her life on drugs.


The HOPE of this story and this family is amazing. Her daughters have been in recovery for several years now, and 'Jane' is the last one of the family to make the commitment to finally leave that world. It was one of her daughters who called CHM seeking financial sponsorship for a Recovery Program after 'Jane' was taken to a five day detox from meth.

Mother and Daughter

"Realities & Resolutions"


Our connection began with a family member calling on 'Bob’s' behalf while he was incarcerated in a county jail, again, followed by phone calls as he shared his needing and wanting to change his life upon release. There were some hard core realities for 'Bob' that needed to be addressed, the drug addictions, mental health conditions, violent criminal background, and physical limitations, that seemed to be more than most recovery centers were professionally equipped to handle. After several months and many counseling calls with 'Bob', followed by meetings with program connections, and a few rejections, Bridges of Hope accepted 'Bob' yesterday into their care with resources and skills to help 'Bob' while he did the hard work to a better future. He needed help and HOPE.

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*The images and names have been changed for privacy.*

*The images and names have been changed for privacy.*