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About offers consultation, counseling and addiction treatment placement  assistance  to people in a hopeless state of mind as a result of alcoholism/addiction and untreated mental health conditions. was created to assist those that are defeated, desperate, eager, and above all, willing to make a long term change in their life, to recover from a seemingly hopeless state.


Our Sponsors

Frist Baptist
Andean Chevrolet
Grace Chapel
Grace Point
Stone Point Church
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Robinson Real Estate
Cumming Home Ministries
Koch Family Foundation

A huge thank you to the 100's of individuals and our Corporate Sponsors that make it all possible for us to respond to over 1,000 requests per year.  We are a local ministry and love to help promote local businesses. 

Community Involvement

We love to be out and about in the community.

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Mission - Vision - Values


To provide HELP & HOPE through placement assistance for addiction recovery and healing.


To fulfill the mandate given by Jesus Christ by ministering to those in need.


We believe that true healing does not occur without accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. • Why we do this - We are living out our mission as Christians (Matthew 25:35-36) and sharing it with our clients through Christian-based mentoring, counseling, and support. We believe that Godly HOPE is needed for positive long-term life changes.

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